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Akbani is the surname of a Indian Gujarat based Memon, Muslim family, speeaking Kutchi (written also as Cutchi) language. Its members have scattered all over the globe. Being basically a business community, most are still in this field, some have however opted for professional careers, like IT, management, engineering, medicine, teaching, etc.

Presently the main concentration and the roots of the Akbani family are at two places, Mysore branch in South India, and Bombay branch (now Mumbai) in Western India.

Our intentions are to make this web site a host for various sources of information. All this will be possible depending on the input received from our own brothers and sisters, and we hope for good support.  

  • An email directory CUTCHI MEMONS DIRECTORY
  • Sooriya family, alias Looter
  • Sumar family
  • Manak family
  •   NB. We wish to start a series of biographies of Memons that will highlight the individuals, as well as, the contributions of leaders, such as Haji Abdus Sattar Sait (ex-Ambassador and High Commissioner), Prof. Ali Muhammed Ismail Sait, Ebrahim Suleman Sait, M.P., and more.   

    All members of this community are requested to send any details of any memons they wish to add on to this site.  

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